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The following are excerpts taken from the Bylaws of the Retired U.S. Marshals Association, Inc.

The Retired United States Marshals Association is an organization that is open to men and women of good moral character who formerly served as employees of the United States Marshals Service, and who served with due fidelity to their oaths of office, and with loyalty to the United States of America, the United States Marshals Service and to their fellow employees.

Membership is divided into three categories, Regular, Associate and Honorary. Regular membership qualifications are persons who are no longer with the Service, having retired or served at least 5 years. Associate membership qualifications are current employees. Honorary membership qualifications are others that are deemed to be honorary members by the executive committee due to their station in life, contributions to the United States or other notable achievements effecting the United States Marshals Service and/or this Association. Nominations for honorary membership may be submitted by the general membership or by anyone within the United States Marshals Service. Regular and associated members must pay dues, honorary members do not.

More information can be obtained from:   http://usmsa.com/